Wonderful Event Photography with Photographer Paul Neil

Would you love a fantastic collection of photos of your upcoming event that captures all the fun and spirit of the occasion?

Would you love to have your pics within 48 hours, while everyone is still on a high from your event, in an on-line viewing gallery to download and share with all your guests, attendees and colleagues via social media and email quickly and easily?

Would you love a personable photographer, who loves photographing and being with people and believes he can join any event organisers’ team and play his part in making an event a great night and experience for everyone who attends?

Would you love a guarantee that if you are not completely thrilled with your photos I will happily give you back your money no questions asked. You pay nothing!

It’s very important to me that you love what you get.

If the answer to these questions is yes then I am probably the photographer for your event. You should call me now so we can talk more about your event. My number is 0449 660 473. I like to talk to people!



“Paul, Thank you for capturing all the great moments of our Gatsby Night perfectly for us. You are a star!”        Luci Black,   Full Moon Hotel                                                      

Below is a collection of photos from the Full Moon Hotel’s Gatsby Swing Dance Party -a night time event. See here how your photos will be delivered to you in an online gallery that you can easily share on line or via email.
click here: How Great Was Gatsby Night?
Usually at an event such as this -or your event – I will come as ‘Paul, the cameraman with the hat’ as seen on my Sandgate Guide Page ‘Out and About with Photographer Paul Neil’.
As such, I like to see myself as working with the event organisers team and playing my part in making the event a great night and experience for everyone who attends.


I like to think of my role or ‘character’ as the ‘cameraman with the hat’ as part of the entertainment – a bit like a party paparazzi that everyone knows, trusts and likes, who enhances the evening for everyone.
I dress smartly, with vintage hat and jacket, but will be noticeable as a camera man ‘character’.
During the evening I will sweep around the event, approaching all groups, and request a photo in my normal polite and charming but confident and assertive manner.
It’s all a bit of fun and loads of laughs (hardly anyone ever feels they have been interrupted or says no). Before they know it I have their photo and I have moved on to the next group.
WiT Awards Event 
“We would without hesitation recommend Paul as a photographer for any event.  He creates an instant and comfortable rapport which continues through the night with your guests.  He blends in with the crowd in a very unobtrusive way and makes it feel like he is part of the party…loved having you there Paul!”    
Lisa Cawthorne,   Operations Manager,  Women in Technology
Here is a link to my collection of photos taken for the Women in Technology (WiT) Awards Night and Gala Dinner at the Royal International Convention Centre at Brisbane Showgrounds.
I have included here the full set of 380 photos delivered to the WiT event organisers within 48 hours of the evening itself.
The set was on social media within a day for all attendees and others to enjoy while everyone was still on a high from the fabulous event.
Many of these photos were excitedly shared by organisers, attendees, family and friends all over the world in the days following the awards evening.

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One of my special skills is dance floor photos so if you have dancing at your event I will be out there boogeying with you and getting the best dance pics ever.

Event Photography

Here is my collection of pics from the Dance Through The Decades fund raiser event at Saint Patrick’s College Shorncliffe. The photos show how much fun the evening was.
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Would you like to have a great collection of photos of your next event or convention that you can proudly share with attendees and anyone else within a day or two ? Yes?
I can help you with that.
family photos
Paul Neil
Call me to talk about your event or convention.
Of course, I’m a proud member of the Brisbane Convention Bureau of Brisbane Marketing
Please ring me on 0449 660 473 if you have any questions or want to discuss photography for an event you have coming up.
I like to talk to people!
Lots more info on my website too at www.paul-neil-photography.com
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What happens if things don’t go according to plan?

Life is full of surprises, and while we do what we can to make sure everything is perfect, there’s always the remote chance that something can go off-script on the day of your event.
But what happens in the unlikely event that something does go wrong? Maybe you have to cancel your event at the last minute, or perhaps the weather isn’t optimal for one reason or another.
When choosing your photographer, this is one of the most important questions you can ask because the answer will reveal a lot.
Obviously, no photographer can know in advance with 100% certainty that the photographs will all turn out perfectly.
Therefore, you must protect yourself in the unlikely event that things don’t go the way you expected—even if nothing major happens but you’re just not in love with the final results.
This is where a guarantee can alleviate any chance of anxiety.
Your photographer should proudly stand behind their work with a guarantee that makes sure you get the photography you deserve.
You deserve to have the comfort and peace of mind of an ironclad guarantee in the event that you aren’t 100% thrilled with your photographs.
Even the way the photographer answers this question and their tone of voice are crucial.
If they don’t come right out and confidently tell you about their guarantee, if they mumble, hesitate, or offer something vague, then hang up the phone immediately and find someone else who will truly put their heart and soul into everything they do for you.
Never hire a photographer who doesn’t offer a 100% money-back guarantee, and make sure that the guarantee is IN WRITING when you hire them.
Call me to talk about photography for your event on 0449 660 473
Lots more info on my website too at www.paul-neil-photography.com
Or Email me at paul@paul-neil-photography.com


I will never share your email with anyone and I will only ever send you the best of what I do.

Warm regards,   Paul